Installing Gutter Guards: Mistakes to Avoid

a seamless gutter
  • 4-8 hours
  • Beginner
  • 20-200

Gutter guards are an important part of any rain flow protection system as they filter out dirt, grime, and leaves. This helps to keep a constant flow of water so that the water does not accumulate around the foundation of the home. You can easily install a set of gutter guards on your own. Below are several mistakes to avoid int that installation process.

Nailing into the Roof

Some homeowners think it is necessary to nail the gutter guard into (either on top of or just beneath) the roof's shingles. Never do this. This will create damage on your roof shingles and therefore the shingles will no longer do their job at protecting your home properly from the intrusion of water. Remember, as soon as you poke a hole in the roof, you have reduced its effectiveness in maintaining that barrier.

Lifting the Shingles

You should never need to lift your roof shingles to install the gutter guards. Again, this could compromise the water barrier.

Forgetting to Attach the Gutter Guard

Not properly attaching the gutter guard to the gutters is another common mistake. Remember to make sure that if there are attachments provided in the kit, then you should use them as specified.

Buying the Wrong Size

This is pretty basic but is something that many homeowners forget. It is critical that you purchase the properly sized gutter guard for your gutter system. Purchasing a gutter guard that is too big will cause you to stuff it into the gutter, and thereby it just does not help maintain the proper flow of water throughout the gutter system. If you purchase a gutter system that is too small, then it will allow dirt and grime into the gutter system.

Not Protecting the Downspouts

Everyone remembers to protect the surface of the gutters but so many people forget about the downspouts. They are important components as well. You must always remember to add a screen or another type of material to the downspouts because dirt and grime do get lodged in the downspout just as it does in the base of the gutter itself.

Damaging the Gutter

Too often, in the haste of completing the project, you will damage the gutter system. Remember, always be careful when you lay the gutter guard. Try not to change the pitch of the gutter system when you are installing the gutter guards. By changing the pitch of the gutter, you will change the way in which the water flows throughout your gutters and ultimately away from the home. This reduces the effectiveness of your rain flow protection.