Installing Landscape Timber Edging: Mistakes to Avoid

Installing timber edging is an easy and simple task and you don’t need a professional gardener in order to install them. However, don’t take this task for granted since there may be some things that you might not think through properly. Make sure that you have all the facts and steps right so you can install the edging properly. Here is a list of some of the mistakes that you might want to look out for when installing them.

Insufficient Planning

Always plan ahead. This must be the first thing you should do when installing your timber edging. If you don’t draw out your plans first, you won’t be able to buy the appropriate amount of wood and it either it will be too little or way too much, costing you money. This is also the point where you make decisions such as the type of wood and its dimensions.

Getting the Inappropriate Wood

Oftentimes, we are so excited to get on with the project that we forget the importance of the quality of materials. Always get all-weather type of wood because the timber will be exposed to the elements.

Unleveled Timbers

Always make sure that the timbers are level when you lay them in the trench. Uneven timber edgings will compromise the durability and compactness of the frame.

Faulty Foundation

Never scrimp on the foundation of the timber whether it is sand, gravel or cement. This is what the timber edging is anchored to so its importance cannot be understated.