Installing New Shingles: Should Chimney Flashing Be Replaced?

Installing shingles on your roof is very important  and you will need to strip the shingles off your roof all the way to the chimney area to properly install the shingles. To get access around tight areas around your chimney, you will need to remove the chimney flashings. However, just because you removed the old flashings on your chimney that does not mean that you will need to replace the chimney flashings with new ones. Unless the flashings are already damaged or old and leaking, you can reinstall the flashing to your chimney after installing the new shingles.

Installing the Chimney Flashing

After installing the new shingles, you reinstall the old undamaged flashing or simply install new flashings. To install the flashing on your chimney, start by installing the base flashing then secure the flashing into the chimney and not on your roof. Once the base flashing is in place, you may now work on the step flashings followed by the top flashing.

Installing the Step Flashing

To install the step flashing, put the first step flashing on the lower edge of the chimney. Overlap the next course of flashing with the first one and repeat this process until you cover the side of the roof near the chimney. As for the top flashing, put the top flashing on, fasten it on the side of the chimney then bend the tabs down.