Installing Pet Screen Door Protectors

What You'll Need
Utility knife
Measuring tape

A pet screen door protector can save you money when you have a dog, or cat, that scratches or rubs on your screen doors causing unsightly tears and holes. The protectors are easy to install and save you money by not having to repair your screen doors regularly. When pets get into a habit of scratching and pushing on your screen doors, it means costly and regular repairs. These protectors are scratch resistant which means they look good for a long time.

Step 1 - Cut the Sheets

Measure and trim the vinyl sheets to fit. If you are using aluminum sheets, you may have to trim those to size also. Measure and cut the strips to fit. Attach the vinyl strips with a screwdriver.

Place the sheets on both sides of the screen door then screw them on. The mounting hardware is included in the kits and the sheets just snap off when you want to clean them. 

Step 2 - Installing a Pet Screen Door

An alternative to protecting your existing screen door is to install a pet screen door into it so your pet can enter and leave the house without clawing to ask to be let in. These are basically the same as a normal pet door. You can leave the screen door closed on warm days when you want a breeze through the home, and keep out bugs, but your dog or cat can still come on or go out. Look around as these come in a variety of models and sizes.

If you are replacing your screen door, you can get new ones with a pet door already installed, or you can install one easily in your existing door. All you need to do is cut an appropriately sized hole in your door and install the pet door that is specially designed to fit into a screen door. These pet door can even be used in the walls of screened in porches.

Another alternative is to use a hanging screen pet door. These are hung in the door frame and are heavy enough not to swing in light wind. They are inexpensive and are great if you don’t need a pet door all the time.

Types of Screen Door Protectors

  • Vinyl protector – These are clear sheets of vinyl that you place on both sides of your screen door.
  • Aluminium screen protector - Another type of screen is made of aluminum and have a pretty pattern that enhances the look of your screen doors while protecting them. There are a few sizes available so you can find one to suit any screen doors. These aluminium screen protectors also come in a variety of metallic colors.
  • Pet resistant screen – This is a screen door that can replace your existing door. These are many times stronger than regular screen doors and are unlikely to be damaged by dog and cat claws. These doors are not resistant to chewing though.