Installing PVC Column Wrap for a Porch Post

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What You'll Need
Small pneumatic nailers
Brad nails
Column wrap kit
Jig saw
Circular saw
Chalk line

PVC column wraps enhance the appearance of a porch post with easy installation and low cost. Column wraps add a unique decorative touch. They are installed around an existing porch post. They are superior in endurance and will not rot while also resisting splitting and warping. These are practically maintenance free and not affected by water or termites.

The column wraps can be installed on old wooden posts by wrapping them and joining them together. These column wraps are available in complete kits. The kits comprise two each of L-shaped column halves, cap halves, base halves and four L-shaped cleats for external installation. In addition you are supplied sealant and adhesives in the kit.

Step 1 - Pre-fit the Wrap over the Post

Measure the length of the column wrap. Mark the cut lines along the wrap half. Use a jig saw and cut every wrap half to required length. These wraps will be mounted to the floor using L-shaped cleats.

Attach the L-shaped outer installation cleat at the outer bottom of column wrap. Dry fit both the halves over the support column. Ensure that miters match up correctly by looking at the inside arrows provided.

Step 2 - Install the Wraps on Post

Apply the caulk on the mitered edges to join the two halves of the column wrap. Keep an L-shaped cleat at the bottom. Place the two halves around the column. Ensure that the cleats sit flush at the bottom. Join the seams together almost at every six inches with 1 1/4 inch fasteners. Remove any extra caulk before drying.

Fix the wraps to the post. While installing, ensure the wrap pieces are in the same line. Make use of a chalk line for aligning the wraps in a row.

Step 3 - Fix Column Base

long wooden porch with white pillars

Install the column base to the floor with flat head fasteners through the cleats. The base of column wrap assembly will sit directly over it, therefore the fasteners need to be flush. The base and cap will hide the fasteners.

Check all the sides of column wrap shaft with a plumb. Mark the position of shaft with a pencil when you check with plumb. Fix the remaining two installation cleats to the porch ceiling, the shaft should be vertical. The cleats cover up the column and lock it up into proper position. Ensure that the heads of fasteners are flush and the cap can sit tightly on them without a gap.

Step 4 - Complete the Installation

Complete the installation by installing the base and the cap to the porch column. Locate them straight away against the cleats. Paste the sealant to the mitered edges and all the corners. Fill all the small gaps between porch column and the base and cap. Remove all excess or spilled caulk and fill the fastener holes with a lightweight joint compound. Sand the surface gently to rub off any excess joint compound. Wash the surface using a light detergent and water. Rinse to wash off any soap residue with clean water.

Step 5 - Finish Painting

Paint the surface of column wrap to match the porch paint finish.