Installing a Recessed Toilet Paper Holder the Fast Way

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  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 30-50
What You'll Need
Toilet Paper Holder
Drywall Saw
Screwgun or Screwdriver
Toilet Paper

Recessed toilet paper holders create a sleek look in your bathroom. Installing them is a snap.


Select a good spot for your toilet paper holder. Ensure that it isn't located in the same spot as a wall stud is. Then measure the back of the holder to determine the size of the hole needed for the recessed toilet paper holder. Use the level to make a straight line on the wall for the fixture location and another at the top. Cut a hole the size of the holder into the drywall. Err on the small side rather than larger. You can always shave off a little more wall if you need a bigger space; adding wall to an over-sized hole is quite a bit more difficult.

Slip the toilet paper holder into the hole and fasten it with screws into the nearest studs on either side of the hole or place a line of adhesive under the edge of the holder and press onto the wall. Wipe away excess adhesive right away. Put masking take around the fixture to hold it in place until the adhesive has a chance to dry. Once the fixture is securely in place, insert the roller into your choice of toilet paper.