Installing Retractable Screen Doors With Ease

Retractable screen doors are not that difficult to install and can be completed in an afternoon, if you take your time doing it. You’ll only need a few simple tools and perhaps a drill or a cordless screwdriver to complete the project.

Materials List

You’ll need a few materials for the project.

  • The retractable screen door. Take note that before you actually purchase one of these units, you will want to measure the dimensions of your door. If they are within ¼ inch or so of being square, you’re fine, but if they are more than that, you’ll have to square the area before you’ll be able to install the door.
  • Some drywall screws about 1 ½ inches long. These will be used to install the track.
  • Pencil

Tools You’ll Need

  • Tape measure
  • Hacksaw
  • Cordless screwdriver

Step 1 – Cut to Fit

The storage area for the screen when it is up gets installed horizontally across the top of the door and needs to be cut to size. You will also have to cut the screen down to size as well using the hacksaw. After the appropriate cuts have been made, you will need to reassemble the parts.

Step 2 – Attach the Mounting Clips

Install the mounting clips on the overhead of the door to hold the storage cassette of the retractable screen door and then raise the storage cassette up to the mounting clips and snap them into place. Make a mark on each side directly under the storage cassette with a pencil.

Step 3 – Install the Tracks

Now you have to remove the storage cassette and measure from the bottom of the doorway up to the pencil mark on each side and then cut the track to fit. Now reinstall the storage cassette, and then the track on each side, slipping the track under each end of the storage cassette. Using four of the 1 ½ inch drywall screws, attach the track.

Step 4 – Test the Installation

Test your work by pulling the screen down, and then allowing it to retract a few times. The tension on these screens are usually factory set, however you may need to adjust it if it seems too tight or too loose.

Retractable screen doors are a unique addition to your home. These doors roll up and down very smoothly and require very little maintenance to stay in good working order. There’s no track at the bottom of these doors, so there is no worry of it operating improperly because the track is filled with debris. These doors come in sizes that range from 3 to 8 feet so they can be used in a number of different areas around the home.