Installing Rounded Drywall Corners

  • 2-4 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 175-300
What You'll Need
Drywall corner beads
Joint compound
Staple gun with staples
Joint tape
Spray adhesive

To add a different feel and architectural ambiance to your home, install rounded drywall corners. They can make a space feel cozy and soft rather than stark and harsh. There are a few ways to create the effect of rounded corners, and none of these methods requires much additional effort.

Using Bullnose Corner Beads

When drywall is installed, a corner bead is attached to the corners of the walls. Many of the corner beads are straight with right angles, but beads with a bullnose design attach where the two walls meet at the corner, so that the wall becomes rounded and soft. You apply mud and tape like you would any regular corner bead and use spackle to smooth the corners in place. After you perform all of these steps, the corner bead becomes part of the wall.

Using Spray Adhesive

The spray adhesive technique can be used by spraying the adhesive to the corner bead of the wall. The spray adhesive can be purchased at any local home improvement center. Be sure to pick a spray adhesive that is specifically used for creating the rounded corners. It is important to note that this adhesive does harden fast so any repositioning of the bullnose corner will need to be done quickly. Once this has dried you can sand it and then re-coat if necessary.

Stapling to Create Rounded Corners

This method is by far the quickest but may be the weakest type of rounded corner you can create. In order to create a nicely rounded drywall corner, take a staple gun and staple the rounded corner bead to the drywall and then gently apply the joint compound to the outside angle. Once this is completely dry then you will sand and re-coat as you did with the other techniques. To create a perfectly rounded corner, you may need to re-apply the joint compound several times. Use sandpaper to sand down the joint compound until it is smooth.