Installing Rubber Garage Floor Systems

There are many different garage floor systems that are available in the market today. Many of these systems are made of rubber products. Rubber makes a good flooring for most garage floor applications because it is durable and long-lasting. Here are a few things to consider about installing rubber garage floor systems.

Choosing a System

There are two different types of rubber garage floor systems for you to choose from. You can choose between rubber tiles or rolls of rubber flooring. Many people prefer to use the tiles because they are easier to handle and light weight. By comparison, the rolls are going to be heavier, but they will require less time to install.

Preparing the Floor

Before you install your option, you will need to properly prepare the garage floor. Take a broom and use it to sweep out the entire garage. You want to make sure that all of the dust and dirt is removed from the concrete floor. You might even consider taking a hose or a wet mop to the floor in order to make sure that everything is completely clean. You do not want to leave anything underneath the rubber floor once it is installed.

Laying the Floor

Both tiles and rolls are easy to install and a garage. With tiles, you will be able to lay them down and form a customized pattern on the floor. Some rubber tiles systems are going to have an interlocking joint that will allow you to press the tiles together. If you have this type of joint work with, it will be very easy and the process will go fast. If you do not have an interlocking joint to work with, you will need to use double-faced tape. Place the double-faced tape at the bottom of each seam. 

If you are installing rolls a rubber flooring, you will need to unroll them onto the garage floor. You should unroll them before you start installing so that they can start to relax and get used to the temperature. Put the rolls down to the garage floor in the appropriate place. Use your knife to cut the rolls to the appropriate size. You are going to need to leave a little bit of space so that the garage door can close completely.

Where the rolls of flooring meet, you will need to use double-faced tape to join them together. This will prevent anything from getting down into the joints below the rubber. It will also help keep the rubber mats in place.