Installing Safety Glass In Your Home

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Safety glass is glass that is processed to minimize injury that may occur when you run into a door or patio enclosure. When hit on impact, safety glass shatters into small pieces that minimize the chance for cuts or serious injury to occur. Safety glass standards have been in place since the late 1970s.

Installing safety glass in your home will require purchasing new glass and inserting it in the old glass position. This is true for both windows and doors throughout your home.

If you are living in an older home that has not had its original windows or doors replaced, you may want to look into getting a quote to replace every window and door in the home. This can become very expensive unless you consider the energy loss that you are experiencing with older windows.

These are a few basic steps for installing safety glass in your home.

Remove Old Glass

Most all windows and doors that contain glass in your home have safety glass. This protective layer is required in the construction of glass used in homes and buildings. When this glass becomes worn, simply purchase a replacement safety glass and place it where the existing glass is.

Inserting Glass

As you insert the replacement glass into the window, make sure it sets properly in place. Use caulk or sealant to ensure that the glass is properly sealed in the position where the old glass is removed.

Place the Window or Door Back in Its Position

As soon as you replace the glass and set it in the proper position, allow some time for the sealant or caulk to dry. Place the window in the frame and snap it back into place on the treads, testing to make sure that the windows move up and down freely. Place doors back on their hinges or the sliding track in the case of a patio door and snap back into place. Pull the door open and closed to make sure it is set correctly on its hinges.

Safety glass is marked so it should be easy for you to tell whether your existing windows and doors contain safety glass. The word safety would be etched in the glass and it is visible to the eye. If you cannot find this etching in the window, you should consider beginning the replacement process for the windows and doors throughout your home.