Installing Saltillo Tile: Six Mistakes to Avoid

If you have decided to install saltillo tile, you have made a good decision. Saltillo tile is beautiful, and rustic looking. It can turn any room into a beautiful scene. Although saltillo tile is beautiful, and natural looking, it can be a tough job to install it in the right manner. There are specific things you will want to watch out for, and specific things you will want to make sure you avoid while installing this type of tile. Below, you can explore six common mistakes that are made when installing saltillo tile.

1 - Over Spray

It is very important to seal saltillo tiles, before you install them. However, it is a common mistake to get a bit crazy, and over spray the tiles, which in turn creates a very hard grout job.

If the spray gets onto the edges of the tile, it creates a harder than usual project of grouting. Make sure you are careful when you are spraying the tiles, and this shouldn't be a problem.

2 - Dirt and Debris

One of the most crucial thing to remember is to keep the surface free of dirt and debris. Sweep and wipe this surface often in order to keep an area that is clean. If your surface is kept clean, the bonding process should work great. However, if the surface is covered with dirt, grease, or debris, the bonding process won't be done as it should, creating a job not so well done in the end.

3 - Ignoring Uneven Tiles

Since saltillo tile is a natural type stone, most times you will find many pieces that contain an uneven back to them. For this, you will need to apply an extra layer of thin set.

If you ignore the uneven part of the tile, and lay this tile without an extra layer, it will bond uneven, creating a floor that is uneven in spots.

4 - Large Sections

One of the most common mistakes is the mistake of trying to get it done in a hurry. Saltillo tile is a type of tile that dries very very quickly. Because this is so, you will want to work in sections that are only about 4 or 5 feet large. The smaller the section, the better it will look, because you are able to take your time.

5 - Time

It's exciting to show off your new floor, and you will probably want everyone to see what outcome your hard work has given. However, you need to wait 24 hours before even letting your saltillo see the light.

You will also want to make sure you give your tile about seventy two hours before inviting people over. Heavy foot traffic on saltillo tile that is not one hundred percent dry is something that you will not want.

6 - Direction

The last common mistake that happens when laying saltillo tile is the direction that is taken when smoothing out the joints of the tile. You wil want to take a sponge and smooth out the tiles joints by pulling it in the opposite direction. Wiping it in the same pattern as the tile creates low grout joints, which in turn creates a bad grout job.

Avoid the common mistakes above, and you are bound to have a beautiful floor.