Installing Security Bars for Windows

A window with bars on the windows.
What You'll Need
Tape measure
Drill Bits
Security bars
Long deck screws or security screws

One of the most effective means of deterring burglars is to install security bars for the windows in your home. Since security bars are great for keeping unwanted intruders out they can potentially help lower your home owner's insurance premiums. With a variety of styles and colors, you can also add a decorative touch. Installing security bars yourself is not that difficult, and can save you a lot money.

Step 1 – Choosing Security Bars

When shopping for security bars, you might consider visiting a machine shop and having custom security bars fabricated for your windows. Generally, these types of security bars are crafted of steel or iron, and are very secure. Their downfall is that they can be expensive. Alternatively, some larger hardware stores carry adjustable window security grills. They may not be as strong or secure, but they are more cost-effective.

You may also choose security bars that can be unlocked, opened, or removed from the inside of the house. There are several designs available that make this feature part of their design. You should consider having the person making your custom bars (if you went that route) include this feature.

Step 2 – Measuring Your Windows

Measure the openings of the windows where you want to install the security bars. Next, place the security bars up against the window opening and draw a mark where the fastening screws will be secured.

Step 3 – Drilling Placement Holes

Now you will need to drill the holes in the window frame opening where you made marks. Be sure that the security bars align with the window frame.

Step 4 – Installing the Security Bars

Place the security bars up against the window frame. Then you will screw the long deck screws (or security screws) into the window frame. Always make sure the screws go all the way through and into the window framing (not just the window frame casing).

Repeat the process for any other windows where you will also be installing your security bars into the window frames.

Tips and Warnings

Security bars not only keep people out, but they keep people in as well. This is why you need to make sure that your security bars can be easily opened from the inside. This is important in the event of an emergency.

You should never place security bars on the windows of a small child's room or when the main door is blocked without first establishing a means of entry in case of a fire. Small children may not be able to work the un-locking mechanism that is on the security bars. You should teach capable children how to open the security bars. This will be important in the event of a fire or other emergency, and something that should be practiced to ensure they do not forget.

Installing security bars onto your windows is an easy way to provide an extra layer of safety and security for your home. The right bars can also add a touch of style.