Installing Self-adhesive Vinyl Tiles Over Concrete

Grey and white vinyl tiles.
  • 48 hours
  • Beginner
  • 80-110
What You'll Need
Floor scraper
Floor roller (optional)
Measuring tape
Self adhesive vinyl tiles

Installing self-adhesive vinyl tiles over concrete is not always easy, especially if you remove carpets from the concrete base. If you want to install the tiles properly, you should prepare the floor, making sure that the surface is clean, without any remains of sealers, adhesive, or anything else. Self-adhesive tiles can reduce the installation time, offering you a fully professional look.

Vinyl tiles can be a very convenient and attractive option for most people, especially for those who want to do the task on their own. They are also a rather affordable solution, and a cost-effective solution in flooring. However, you need to be very careful before installing the vinyl tiles over concrete because there might be moisture problems.

Step 1 - Prepare

Preparation is the most important part of any installation process. Use the scraper to remove any glued materials or adhesive remaining on the floor. Once you are done you should sweep the remains and throw them away. If the scraper doesn’t do the job properly, you can use the alcohol to remove any stains. Make sure that the concrete base is clean and does not have any cracks or remains from older flooring.

Step 2 - Test the Area

One of the first things you need to do after you clean the concrete floor is to test it; if you don’t do so, you might find out a few months later that the adhesive gets loose because the floor is very moist and unsafe. Taking precautions is absolutely necessary; the most reliable test you can run is the calcium chloride test which is easy to find at any local store. You must follow the instructions on the test. You should have the results within 18-24 hours. This test checks the amount of moisture and water that comes up from the concrete base. If the levels are too high, you will need to de-moisturize the floor before installing the tiles. If the number shown from the test is not high, you can start with your project and lay the tiles directly on the concrete floor.

Step 3 - Measure the Room

Measure the room and mark the center of each wall in the room using the chalk. Draw a line towards the center of the room. You do the same thing with all four walls until you draw two bisecting lines that divide the room in quarters.

Step 4 - Install the Tiles

Make sure that the concrete surface is clean and will adhere to the tile. Take the vinyl tiles and place them in the center of the room where the lines bisect. You can install them removing the back paper to expose the sticky part of the tiles. You can keep installing the tiles working from the center towards the walls. Make sure that you press them flat and firmly on the floor to ensure proper placement so that you finish the task in a totally professional way. Depending on the kind of tiles you get, you may want to rent a floor roller to make sure they're completely stuck to the concrete.