Installing Slide Door Locks Step-by-Step

Installing double slide door locks is a great do it yourself project that requires only limited tools and makes your home secure. To perform the job you will need a pencil, screw driver and a power drill.

Steps for Installing Sliding Door Locks

  1. Find the position where you want to install your new door lock. If you have children then you will want to place the lock up higher where it is out of their reach. This will also prevent your children from wondering outside unattended.
  2. Mark the positions on the door where you will be placing the screws.
  3. Using your power drill to pre drill the holes where the screws will be placed.
  4. Mark the same positions on the door frame where the door lock will latch.
  5. Pre drill the drill frame using your power drill.
  6. Install the latch on the door frame using the provided screws.
  7. Install the lock on the door using the provided screws.
  8. If the sliding door locks have covers then snap the covers in place.