Installing Sliding Glass Pet Doors

What You'll Need
Pet Door
7/64-inch bit and 9/64-inch bit
Measuring tape
Screwdrivers, Phillips and slotted
Masking tape
Eye protection

Pet doors for sliding glass doors can eliminate the frustration of not having a self-serve exit for your pets. The ease of the semi-permanent installation affords the homeowner, and the pet, a lot of convenience with little effort. Here is how to install sliding glass pet doors.

Step 1 - Measure Door Required and Clean Tracks

Use a tape measure to determine the dimensions from the lowest point of the bottom track and the highest point of the top track. Also measure your pet to be sure you get a door that is large enough to allow your pet to pass through the door comfortably. With a whisk brush, remove all loose debris and vacuum the track. Clean thoroughly with soapy water and let the tracks dry. Purchase the pet door.

Step 2 - Set Pet Door

With the sliding door opened, set the pet door from the inside—first in the top track, then the bottom track. The height adjustment is at the top of the pet door and will pull down to allow for installation. Push the pet door snugly to the patio door frame. Check for alignment, level and plumb.

Step 3 - Fixing Height Adjustment

Slide the pet door out slightly from the door frame. You will see two pre-drilled holes. These are to fix the height adjustment. Drill 7/64-inch pilot holes through these existing holes. Attach the door using 5/8-inch sheet metal screws that are supplied with the door.

Step 4 - Installation for Exposed Frame Sliding Glass Door

With the insert pushed back into place, measure and mark the following points onto the patio door frame:

  • Center of top of pet door insert
  • 12 inches down from the top of the pet door on the outside of patio door frame
  • Center of bottom of pet door insert
  • 1 inch up from the top of the pet door opening at bottom of insert

Continue to Step 6.

Step 5 - Installation for Recessed Frame

If you have a recessed frame on your sliding glass door, skip Step 4. You will need to have the bracket kit (optional accessory) if your door has a recessed frame. Mark the center of the top and the bottom of the pet door insert on the patio door frame. Slide the insert over to access the door frame. With the bracket, hold it to the frame so that the screw holes are flush with the frame, and the bracket points either up for the bottom frame or down for the top frame. The center of the bracket should align with the center of the insert, as marked on frame. With a pencil, draw the screw positions, using the bracket as a template. Drill 7/64-inch pilot holes and attach brackets with the included screws. Move to Step 7.

Step 6 - Drill Pilot Holes

With a 9/64-inch bit, drill through the sliding glass door frame—not through insert frame—at all points marked in Step 4. With a 7/64-inch bit, put the bit through the holes just drilled and drill the smaller holes into the frame of the pet door insert. Attach the pet insert to the door frame through the pilot holes just drilled using the supplied 5/8-inch screws.

Step 7 - Set Door Lock and Weather Stripping

Determine a comfortable height to install the insert lock. With the sliding door closed snugly to the insert, use the included template to mark the screw placement. Drill 7/64-inch pilot holes and install the lock with the included screws. To set weather stripping/glass sweep, be certain that the frame of the sliding door around the glass is clean and dry. Start on the inside top, removing backing from tape as you move down the frame. Cut the excess strip with scissors. Repeat on the outside of window.