Installing Split Rail Wood Fence Posts

What You'll Need
Split Rail Wood Fence Posts
Post Hole Digger
Quick Dry Cement

You can learn to install split rail wood fence posts around your home by following the steps provided in this how-to article. The process outlined in this article will help you accomplish this task and install the split rail wood fence posts needed for your split rail fencing.

Split rail fencing is a popular type of fencing that is typically found around barns and ranches. It can be built around your home’s property in order to provide your home’s landscape with a rustic or country feel.

Step 1: Purchase Fencing and Materials

For the installation of your split rail wood fence posts you will need to purchase the fence posts, gravel and quick dry cement from a home improvement center or fencing store.

Step 2: Make Post Holes

You will need to dig a series of post holes with a post hole digger. The holes should be dug approximately 6 to 10 feet apart, depending on the type of rails that will be installed in the posts. For most residential fencing the posts will need to be 6 feet apart.

Step 3: Place the Posts in the Holes

With the holes dug place the fence posts for the split rail fence into the ground. Use gravel to fill the hole partially and place the quick dry cement inside in order to secure posts. Use a fence level in order to ensure that the posts have been placed inside the hole properly.