Installing Static Cling Window Film

Man attaching window film

Installing static cling window film is a great way to prevent harmful ultraviolet rays and excessive sunlight from entering through your windows; in addition, it is also very effective in preventing people from being able to see into your house and adds insulation to keep cold air from seeping through during the winter.

Step 1 - Measure

When planning to install static cling window film, it is important to first get exact measurements for the window panes you will be covering. By getting accurate measurements, you can ensure that you buy enough window film to cover your windows thoroughly without buying too much.

Step 2 - Prepare Space

You will also need to make sure that you have adequate space. You'll need enough room to roll the window film out and trim pieces that are exactly the correct size for your windows. Common tools used are normal household scissors or a small utility knife. For more precise cuts, you should consider using a utility knife with a long straight edge such as an exacto knife.

Step 3 - Clean

Also, before attempting to install static cling window film, you'll want to make sure that your windows have been cleaned very well, and are free from all dust and debris that will cause air bubbles in the window film.

Step 4 - Apply Film

Simply cut your window film to size and apply to the window frame.

Installing static cling window film is not very difficult, the most important part of the installation is the preparation of the window surface. By making sure that the windows are clean and free from dust and debris, affixing the window film will usually go quickly and smoothly.