Installing Sunroom Blinds- Optional Shade

A sunroom is meant to capture as much sunlight as possible. In many cases, however, it is not always desirable to be so exposed. During early morning and late afternoons the sun can be irritating, shining directly into your eyes, while the midday hours can become too warm. A very simple solution is to add blinds, which are often as decorative as they are functional. No matter what type or style you choose, the optional shade of blinds make them excellent accessories to use for decorating a sunroom.

Horizontal or Vertical?

Trying to decide between horizontal and vertical blinds is influenced by two factors: available finances and personal tastes. Vertical blinds can be quite a bit more expensive than their horizontal counterparts, and are not generally available in as many colors and styles. On the other hand, vertical blinds offer the visual illusion of creating solid walls where there are none.

Bamboo Blinds

Horizontal blinds made from natural materials, such as bamboo, provide shading without detracting from the natural flavor of the area. Complement bamboo blinds with tropical plants scattered around the sunroom decking, or hang Japanese-style lanterns to give your sunroom an oriental theme. Bamboo blinds are available in many sizes, from "standard" ones that hang inside window frames or between studs, to more expansive styles that range from 4 to 16 feet wide.

Vinyl Blinds

Vinyl and plastic blinds tend to be easier to care for, but sacrifice the natural look available from bamboo. The biggest advantage to vinyl blinds is the price. Blinds made with vinyl and plastic tend to be much less expensive than blinds made using natural materials. Another feature is that this type can be wiped clean with a soapy sponge. Vinyl blinds are available in the same sizes as bamboo blinds, but at about half the price. To customize vinyl blinds, those with an artistic touch can paint images on them, effectively making each one a removable piece of artwork.

Vertical Blinds

If the budget allows it, vertical blinds add a touch of sophistication to a sunroom. When closed, vertical blinds create the appearance of a solid screen. When they are fully retracted, these blinds stand to one side of the opening, leaving the view unobstructed. It's more common to find vertical blinds with motor controls, or even remote controls, and that gives them another convenient feature that can be worth the investment and installation.

Optional Shade-Indispensable Functionality

No matter what type or style of blinds are the most appealing to you, there is little arguing with the benefits which come from installing blinds. Not only do they offer optional shade when it is desired, but they also promise more privacy and security. If your sunroom is going to house a hot tub, having blinds means that you can use it in privacy.