Installing the Right Mineral Absorption Pad for Your Slant Fin Humidifier

Using the correct mineral absorption pad in your slant fin humidifier will prevent mineral dust from precipitating into the room. The white grains of mineral dust are harmful to your respiratory system and can damage furniture, carpet and window treatments. Learn below about choosing the right mineral absorption pads, round or rectangular, for your humidifier.

Round Mineral Absorption Pads

Use the round mineral absorption pads, with a 16-hole grid, in your Enviracaire (TM) EMP-15P model slant fin humidifier, and the Slant Fin (TM) warm air humidifier series as specified on the assembly and operating instructions. Honeywell (TM) HMP-12 steam humidifiers and Vicks (TM) V790 warm humidifiers also use the round shaped mineral absorption pad.

Rectangular Mineral Absorption Pads

Use the rectangular pad with a 4 x 10 perforation grid, only in the Enviracaire (TM) series # EWM-211D humidifier and in the Slant Fin (TM) series #GF-211 humidifier. Both of these keep your humidifier cleaner, by preventing mineral buildup, and come in packages of 6.

Mineral Pad Changing

Change the mineral pads every 2 to 3 weeks, or more often if your tap water is hard. Mineral pads work best when they are soft and flexible. If the mineral pads in your humidifier are dull grey and very stiff, they require changing immediately.