Installing Tin Ceiling Tiles

Ornate, black metal tiles.
What You'll Need
Tin ceiling tiles
Chalk line
Cornices or wood crown molding
Safety ladder
Metal shears

Tin ceiling tiles are used to add a Victorian-inspired theme to any part of the house.

Wear thick safety gloves when handling sheets of pressed metal and don’t try to paint the ceiling tiles after you install them. You can buy prepainted ceiling tiles, but they're considerably more expensive.

Tin ceiling tiles are ideally affixed to building ply or timber battens. Add building ply to your existing ceiling before fastening the ceiling tiles, unless you already have timber ceilings, in which case you can install the tiles with no additional work.

Step 1—Install Cornice

Nail the flange opening to the plywood and secure the cornice edge to the wall with aluminum strips or strapping supports.

Step 2—Lay the Panels on the Floor

Lay the tin panels on the floor to get an idea of whether the design and pattern is correct. The part of the sheet with the exposed cut should be facing towards the wall, where it will be hidden by a cornice or crown molding.

Step 3—Attach the Tiles

Use a safety ladder to reach the ceiling. While you're up there, attach the tiles to the ceiling with nails. Start from the center of the wall, paying attention to the chalk lines, and work your way toward the edges. Pay special attention to how to panels overlap. You don't want to mess up the pattern.

When installing tin ceiling tiles, take time to thoroughly read and understand the manufacturer’s instructions to achieve a more professional look. For instance, use the recommended kind of nails. Otherwise, you could damage the metal sheets. Use metal shears to work your way around holes for lighting fixtures.