Installing T-Molding for Laminate Flooring: 3 Tips

Installing t-molding is necessary when you install a new laminate flooring. It can provide an expansion gap for the floor, as well as hold down the edge of the product. Here are a few tips for installing t-molding for laminate flooring.

1. Leave a Gap

Before you put the t-molding in, you need to make sure that there is a gap big enough for the t-mold to fit into. If you need to, lay the t-molding down as you are installing to give yourself a guide to work with. Then you can make sure that the gap is just the right size for your particular t-molding.

2. Use Liquid Nails

Using liquid nails is a great way to adhere the t-molding to the floor. With this method, you can just squeeze a bead of the liquid nails on to the narrow part of the t-molding. Then press it to the floor and it will adhere nicely. Many professional installers do not like to use the track that comes with the t-molding as it does not always hold well.

3. Do Not Cut Short

One of the most common mistakes made when installing a t-molding is cutting it too short. When you are measuring, make sure that you are accurate. You can always cut some more off, but you can not add on to the t-molding.