Installing Under Counter Wine Coolers

Under counter wine coolers allow you to store your wine in the proper temperature without taking up the valuable living space that would be occupied by a standalone cooler. To avoid major renovations, install your new cooler inside a preexisting cabinet.

Steps to Install Under Counter Wine Coolers

Select the cabinet into which you wish to install the cooler. You should place the cooler away from the sink to avoid potential electrical shorts in case of a water leak.

Find and purchase a front venting wine cooler. Rear venting models could create potential fire hazards if installed under counters. Many models will say outright whether they are safe to install under counters. The cooler should also be the appropriate size to fit in your cabinet.

Remove the cabinet door.

Install an electric outlet under the counter. Most coolers use a standard 110-volt outlet. Some of the larger coolers may require a 220-volt outlet. For the larger coolers, it is a good idea to install a new breaker specifically for the cooler.

Insert the cooler into the cabinet and plug it into the outlet. If necessary, adjust the feet until the cooler is level.

Install finishing trim around the edge of the cabinet. If necessary, adjust the cooler until it is flush with the trim.