Installing Vinyl Mini Blinds

Vinyl mini blinds.
  • 3-4 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 250-500
What You'll Need
Vinyl mini blinds
Measuring tape
Cordless screwdriver or drill
Wood screws or plastic wall anchors
Drill with drill bit

Vinyl mini blinds are an attractive and inexpensive way of covering your windows. They provide better privacy and window insulation than curtains in many cases and come in countless styles and colors. Installing vinyl mini blinds is an easy DIY project and can usually be completed in a few minutes. Here is an easy to follow how-to guide that will show you everything you need to know.

Step 1 - Determine Type of Installation

Vinyl mini blinds are flexible in the ways they can be installed. You need to decide if you want to install them inside the window frame opening or if you want to completely cover the window space with the blind (inside or outside mount). Alternatively, you can install the blinds at ceiling level and have them drop down to cover the window(s).

Step 2 - Measure Window Openings

Measure the height and width of the window space to be covered with the blinds.

Step 3 - Purchase Vinyl Mini Blinds

Visit a local home improvement store or other retailer and purchase mini vinyl blinds. Try to purchase vinyl blinds that match colors used in the room where they will be installed.

Step 4 - Mark and Drill Holes for Screws

Use a level and a pencil to mark holes for the screws that will be used to fasten the mounting brackets or sleeves to the window opening (or ceiling). Look at the mounting bracket to determine how many screws each side will need. Use the level to make sure the marks are straight. You can also use a measuring tape to ensure that the holes are at the same distance from a fixed point on either side (i.e. the ceiling, the top or bottom of the window opening.) Next, drill the holes where you have made your marks.

Step 5 - Install Brackets or Sleeves

Use a screw driver to attach the brackets or sleeves to the wall or window opening. If you are using plastic wall anchors, insert the anchors into the drywall first.

Step 6 - Affix Vinyl Shades to Bracket or Sleeve

Attach the top bar of the window shades to the mounting bracket (may clip on or use another locking mechanism) or simply slide the bar in the sleeve openings, on the left and right side of the window, if the kit includes sleeves.

Step 7 - Attach Caps and Covers

If the mini blinds are clipped or locked to a mounting bracket, install the end caps on the top bar of the blinds. If the blinds use sleeves for installation, slide or snap the sleeve covers in place to prevent the bar from sliding out (usually about a 1 inch square piece of plastic).

Step 8 - Attach Louver Bar

If the blinds are the type with louvers (rather than the kind that use a draw string to raise or lower the blinds), attach the louver bar. This usually only involves hanging the bar on a pre-installed hook.