Installing Wainscoting in the Bathroom: Mistakes to Avoid

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It is easy to install wainscoting in a bathroom, just follow these tips. Wainscoting adds visual appeal to your bathroom and can increase the value of your home if it is installed correctly. Avoid the following common mistakes.

Different Design

Determine the design and color of the wainscoting before buying the material. Knowing what want for your bathroom well in advance will help you decide what type of wainscoting will best achieve the desired result.

Panels Not at the Same Level

Bathroom floors are not usually constructed at a uniform level. They slant toward the drains. If the floor uneven, the top of the wainscoting will be level, causing the room to look off-kilter. To avoid this problem, measure and create a plumb line on the wall beforehand. Gaps at the bottom can be filled with caulk later.

Contact With Water

After installing wainscoting in your bathroom, keep it dry for the first 2 days so that the wood glue can dry. If the panels come in contact with the water, the glue will not dry properly. That will cause the panels to fall from the wall.