Installing Wall Mounted Pot Rack in a Mobile Home

What You'll Need
Pot Rack
Measuring tape

Putting a wall mounted pot rack inside your mobile home is the best way to organize your kitchen pots and pans and to also maximize the space you have inside a mobile home. Since mobile homes are small, make sure you get a wall mounted pot rack just big enough to fit the free wall in the kitchen area. Wall mounted pot racks come in different materials and sizes and if you plan to install one in your mobile home, then a light pot rack should be purchased since a mobile home’s wall cannot hold that much weight.

Step 1 - Measure Wall

Measure the free wall space in the kitchen area of your mobile home. Make sure that you allow at least a foot on the two sides of the rack so the wall does not look chaotic. Mobile home’s wall space will be very limited so plan it well.

Step 2 - Mark Pot Rack Position

Mark the wall with your pencil where you plan to install your pot rack. Have someone assist you as you mark the areas where you will drill the hooks. Use a level to make sure that the rack will be even the moment you install it.

Step 3 - Clean Wall Area

Since you will be permanently installing your pot rack on the wall, clean the surface behind it using a sponge soaked in soapy solution. Remove all dirt and grime.

Step 4 - Drill the Wall

Take your drill and drill the two upper corners where you will be placing the pot rack hooks. Make sure the hooks you use are specifically for the wall material of your mobile home. Using a different hook or nail for the wrong wall surface will not hold the rack in place and will make it fall and damage the wall eventually.

Step 5 - Install Hooks

Once the holes have been drilled, place the hooks and make sure they are put it securely on the wall.

Step 6 - Install the Pot Rack

Gently hook the pot rack on the wall. Do not hang with pots positioned on the rack. You have to make sure first that the hooks will hold the pot rack and it has been positioned parallel to the floor in an even manner. Take your level and make sure it is even.

Step 7 - Hang Accessory Hooks and Hangers

Pot racks will come with hooks and hangers for pots and pans. Attach these first prior to hanging your pots.

Step 8 - Hang Pots and Pans

Now that the rack has been secured on your mobile home's wall, you may hang all of your pots and pans and kitchen accessories. Make sure that you do not exceed the weight limit of your rack to avoid damaging the rack but most especially the wall.