Installing Window Flashing

Window flashing is vital to ensure water from rain can’t get in and damage your home or window frames. Installing the flashing can be done with just a little experience and attention to detail. It’s very important that care is taken to ensure proper installation. There is no room for error with flashing.

Tools Needed:

-Safety Goggles
-Metal Snips
-Tape Measure
-Rubber Gloves
-Pry Bar
-Nail Puller
-Putty Knife
-Silicone Sealant
-Aluminum Flashing
-Nail Set
-Spray Bottle
-Wood Putty

Step 1

Use your nail puller and tear away the nails that sit along the upper edge of the window. Loosen up the siding slightly by prying up on it slightly. This needs to be done so you can get the flashing under the siding.

Step 2

Use your putty knife to scrape caulking that is already present away. Get as much of this out as you can.

Step 3

Take the bleach and mix water with it in the spray bottle. Put on your rubber gloves and goggles and spray the bleach mixture on the casing. This will help to remove any debris that is left behind.

Step 4

Use the silicone sealer on the edge of the window. This should be applied in a thin line. The silicone will help prevent water from running in the casing and the siding. Water running in these areas can cause serious damage.

Step 5

Measure the new flashing. You need it to fit the window exactly, and ensure it overhangs a half inch on each end. Put on your work gloves when you cut the flashing to size.

Step 6

Slip the flashing along the siding on the underside where you pryed it up earlier. Use the holes that are already in place from the old nails you removed to nail the new flashing in place. Use your nail set to sink the nails.

Step 7

If there are any nail holes left you have use wood putty to fill them in. Sand the putty down once it’s dried.

As long as you take your time, measure carefully, and make sure the flashing is flush you won’t have any problems with it. Keep a close eye on it after you’ve installed it for signs of water leaking through the casing. If you find signs of this you will want to replace the flashing as soon as you see a problem. This will prevent potential major damage to the structure of your home.

Window flashing can be installed in a day. Once you have followed the directions you will have windows that you can be sure are secure and safe from water damage.