Installing Wire Pantry Racks Is Easy

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Many people are going with a wire pantry rack because of both the ease with which you can install it and its durability. A wire pantry rack is a simple shelving unit that mounts onto the wall with a few screws and racks.

Strong and Durable

A wire pantry rack is very durable as it is made of metal and is built with a grid system that distributes weight across the entire system. It is supported with metal brackets that also adds stability. Wire racks will last several years and if not too heavily loaded will outlast any other type of shelving.


Begin your installation by measuring the area you are planning to put the wire pantry rack.

With your measurements go to the home center and find the wire rack that fits your sizes. Most are pre-packaged and come in several standard sizes. If you need to cut the rack, that can be done easily with a hack saw.

Attach Mounting Brackets

There are two different mounting brackets you will be using for the wire racks. The first is a large bracket that holds the shelf by a front clip. The other clip is a smaller one which is screwed to the wall and is clipped to the back of the shelf.

Find the studs. Use a level and draw a straight line where you want the shelf to be. You will need to install the larger brackets first. They go near the ends of the wire shelving a few inches in. Drill a pilot hole in the wall first for the anchors, and then tap them in gently with a hammer.

Once the larger brackets are installed, then work on the smaller brackets. Drill a pilot hole for the drywall anchor and then screw the small bracket onto the wall.

Clip-in Shelf

Once both sets of mounting brackets are installed, you can then set the wire pantry rack onto the brackets. Apply some pressure to the rack to clip them into the brackets. The smaller ones hold the back up, while the larger ones attach to the front of the rack from underneath.

Check the Strength

Without pulling down too hard, add a little pressure to the front of the shelf to see if it is firmly anchored to the wall. If there is any sign of looseness, you will need to reinstall on a stud, or in a new position. You do not want to put your food, and other items on the rack only to see it come crashing down.