Installing Your Privacy Fence

Lead Image
  • 5-20 hours
  • Advanced
  • 1,500-5,000
What You'll Need
Privacy fence sections
Wood or vinyl posts
Quick set cement
Screw Driver
Fence Gate
Fence Gate Latch
Post Hole Digger
Measuring Tape
Spray paint

Privacy fences provide peace and tranquility. They provide a great deal of privacy for anyone that is looking to block out the neighbors view of the backyard and the outdoor activities you intend to pursue. Privacy fences can be constructed in a variety of different materials. Choose between wood, both pressure treated and natural woods such as cedar, or spend some additional money purchasing a vinyl privacy fence. Many privacy fences are anywhere between 6 and 8 feet high. The below how-to will guide you through the process of installing your new privacy fence.

Step 1 – Check Ordinance

Every town, city or municipality has very specific rules and regulations. Some municipalities request that a fence be no taller than a specific height. Before you layout your fence and purchase your materials, make sure you have selected a fence height that is in accordance with the local rules

Step 2 – Get a Permit

Some municipalities require a permit. Call your local municipality administration office and find out. Apply for and receive the necessary permits before you begin.

Step 3 – Layout the Design

Using a piece of paper and a pencil, trace a layout for the design of your privacy fence. Decide on height and material. Vinyl will last the longest if installed correctly. Next decide on the placement of your gate. Add this to your drawing.

After complete, go outside and layout your design on the ground. Take a tape measure and spray paint the corners of your fence line. Hammer in a stake at each point. Take a roll of string and tie it to one of the stakes. Run the string from one stake to the next stake, until you have created an enclosed pattern. Take the spray paint and run a smooth paint line on top of the string, to fully mark the layout of your fence.

Step 4 – Mark the Posts

With an X-like pattern, mark the locations for your posts with the spray paint. The width between each post depends on the length of each fence section. Re-measure each fence section to insure accuracy.

Step 5 – Install Posts

Dig post holes with a posthole digger. The posts should go at least one to two feet below the frost line. Pour quick set cement, add the post and water. Stir. Take a level and make sure your post is straight. Let all posts set for at least 24 to 48 hours.

Step 6 – Install the Fence Sections and Gate

Install the wood sections in between the posts. Secure firmly in place using heavy duty screws. Install the gate. Keep using the level to insure a straight and correct installation. Do not leave a large gap in between the ground level and the bottom of your fence line. Enjoy your new privacy fence!