Instructions for Easy to Make Christmas Menu Cards

Providing your holiday guests with Christmas menu cards can add a classy, festive touch to the occasion. Iit can also make it easier for you to serve everyone, as your guests can request one dish over another (if you're offering multiple types) or turn down anything that may not be appropriate for their diets. Here are some easy-to-do instructions for making menu cards for the holiday.

Design the Cards on the Computer

Handwriting each Christmas menu card can result in a beautiful display of penmanship if you're skilled at calligraphy, but it's simply too much effort on your part when you're looking for easy-to-make menu cards. Not only will you have to write each one individually, but you'll have to re-do any on which you make mistakes, as crossed-out words and white out can make the menu cards tacky.

Instead, design your cards on the computer. Measure how large your menu cards are and make a template in a word processing or print studio program that matches the appropriate size. Download a festive or attractive font, but don't get too carried away with the look of the font. Remember, the point of making these cards is to make them legible. You can try adding holiday clip art or borders to the design if you like.

Embellish the Cards with Decorations

While printing out your Christmas menu cards from the computer is simple and can provide you with complete, ready-to-go menu cards, you can add a more distinctive personal touch with minimal effort. If you have any Christmas-themed scrapbooking supplies, use them on your menu cards. Shaped hole punches can give the menu cards a more distinguished look than stickers. For example, just picture the four corners of each card with a snowflake design punched out. So think about which type of embellishments will make your menu cards seem more classy.

Make Your Own Embellishments

If you don't have and don't want to invest in scrapbooking supplies, you can easily craft a few classy touches to your Christmas menu cards. Use a regular hole punch and punch two holes at the top of each card an inch or two apart. Run a red, green, silver or gold ribbon through the holes and tie them into bows. Use gel pens in one of those same colors to add a border to each card if you didn't already have one when you printed them out.

Personalize Each Menu

You can also use shiny gel pen ink to carefully personalize each Christmas menu card so your guests can keep them as a souvenir of the occasion. Write the name of each of the guests at the top of a menu card and place the menu card where you want each guest to sit. You can pair this personalization with a name card if you like, but the menu card alone should do the trick. This personalization technique can actually save you the time of also creating name cards.