Instructions to Assemble a Backpack Sprayer

Depending on the design and model of your backpack sprayer, these instructions will vary slightly. Some backpack sprayers have a basic and easy-to-assemble set up while others will require certain tools. All will require the use of your owner’s manual for quick set up. If you do not have the owner’s manual, contact the manufacturer or check the company's website.


Insert the valve into the shut-off valve and tighten the cap or attach the spray wand to the spray gun.

Pump Handle/Lever

All the necessary hardware should have been provided with your backpack sprayer. Put the pump handle into the pump lever. Align the bolts, washers or pins with the pre-drilled holes, push pin in or screw together, and tighten. Attach the stop plate now if your model was supplied with one. The stop plate should be placed on the inner bolt hole, with the closed end pointing down and on the opposite side of the pump shaft.

Shoulder Strap/Belt Attachment

Find a hard surface you can use for testing. The shoulder straps usually come already attached to your backpack sprayer, and the bottom one can be attached without too much fuss. For those sprayers that do not have the shoulder straps attached, lift the frame up slightly, place the metal from on the buckle and push down slowly and firmly until the buckle snaps into place.

To attach your belt straps, hook the ends to the metal frame where it sticks out and bends by the plastic. If your backpack sprayer came with pre-attached upper straps, slide the lower waist belt through the loops of the upper strap and attach the buckle.


If you have a pump sprayer you can skip this section. Plug the battery or your pressure sprayer into the charging jack. Place it inside battery compartment. Slide the battery retainers over to keep battery from sliding out.

Adjusting Pressure

On some models of backpack sprayers, you will be able to adjust the level of pressure. If you adjust it to a higher pressure, you will have smaller drops of spray, but you may be able to apply to a larger area at one time.


Mix the correct amount of water and chemical ratio in a separate container. Pour through filter basket to keep foreign objects from entering the sprayer. Start pumping the sprayer to prime the pump and to start filling it with pressure. It is not necessary to fill the backpack sprayer completely full. You will only need to mix the amount that you are going to need for each separate job.

The more area you are going to spray, the more mixture you will need to make. If you did not mix enough, you can always go back and make more. The reverse is not always true. Always read the mixing instructions on the product to save money and prevent plant damage.

These instructions are a basic guideline and in no way replace the owner’s manual instructions or diagrams. If you have further questions about assembling your backpack sprayer, please contact the manufacturer.