Insulated Foam Sheathing

 Insulated foam sheathing is a product that is used to insulate a home. The energy efficiency of a home is largely compromised if there isn’t sufficient insulation, despite such energy saving measures as energy efficient heating and cooling and energy compliant appliances, double pane windows and checking for air leaks.

Building Codes and Insulated Foam Sheathing

Building codes require a minimum of insulation in a home. Insulated foam sheathing will bring a home above building codes into the realm of real energy conservation for that home.

The higher the R-value or measure of thermal resistance, the better the energy efficiency of a home. Insulated foam sheathing can provide the highest R-value in protecting your home. Insulated foam sheathing is installed between the exterior walls and the interior walls.

One of the other advantages of insulated foam sheathing is the moisture and humidity control it provides. Insulated foam sheathing is easy to cut and install, and it protects against actual condensation occurring in interior home walls, which can lead to spotting and peeling of paint.