Integrated vs Acrylic Sinks: Which Is Right for You?

A kitchen sink with peaches and running water.
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Integrated sinks and acrylic sinks are both very attractive options. The kitchen is truly the heart of your home. It is where food is prepared and eaten. It is also the place where most parties or gatherings take place. Decoration and functionality are both extremely important factors to consider when designing your kitchen and choosing the right kitchen sink. Whether it is a warm and bright country style or a sleek and brushed steel sink, you have many choices.

Acrylic Sinks

Acrylic sinks are made of non-porous, homogeneous material. Due to their non-porous nature, acrylic sinks are scratch and stain-resistant. Acrylic sinks are molded; therefore, they do not have seams, which makes the acrylic sink very easy to clean and maintain. Because they are non-porous and scratch resistant, the acrylic sink can be scrubbed with regular non-abrasive cleaners and sanitized with standard bleach.

The finish on acrylic sinks is very shiny and will brighten the look of any kitchen. Acrylic sinks come in many different solid shades, which can be used to great effect. Acrylic sinks are easy to install due to their lightweight nature. They come in either a drop-in or under-mount design. You can easily drill holes through acrylic sinks; therefore, they can be compatible with a wide variety of faucet styles and sizes. If you are looking for sturdy simplicity and simple beauty, the acrylic sink is right for you.

Integrated Sinks

An integrated sink is a sink that is an actual continuous part of the counter surface area. These sinks are modern and artful. They come in a huge array of different sizes, shapes, and materials. If you are giving your kitchen a sleek and modern makeover, then a stylish integrated sink is the way to go. Because they are part of the actual countertop and are installed as a solid piece, installation can be a bit more complicated.

If you need to replace either a countertop or a sink, it is necessary to replace the entire countertop with the sink all at once. It can make simple repairs much more expensive. You may find this complication to be completely worth it, given the incredible number of artful designs and beautiful materials that integrated sinks are made of. If you are looking for a beautiful combination of form and function and want your kitchen sink to be a work of art in itself, the integrated sink is the right choice for you.