Interior Brick Veneer: Pros and Cons

You can really alter the look of any room by installing interior brick veneer. This material is not hard to work with and with time and patience during the project you can have an end result that is very visually appealing.

Changing the Feel of your Home

Adding interior brick veneer to a room in your home, can turn an otherwise dull room into one that radiates class. There is nothing more appealing than to see brick walls inside your home which gives it an expensive feeling to a room.

Dry and Cracking Panels

If the materials are not installed correctly, you could get interior brick veneer panels that fall out of place, making a mess and leaving big gaps in your walls. When they hit a hard floor they can also shatter like glass, leaving small sharp shards that are dangerous if stepped on.

Poor Grout Crumbs

An improper grout mixture can cause it to crumble from between the interior brick veneer panels over time. Which can leave crumbs of grout laying around the base of your wall, and create an ongoing cleaning issue.

Added Insulator

Using interior brick veneer in a room can help on utility costs, as it will add a secondary foundation or separating surface between your room and the outdoors.