Interior Color: Creating Blue Color Schemes

What You'll Need
Paint tabs (Found at hardware or arts and crafts store)
Protective coverings for your floors

When you have a new baby boy on his way, you'll be thinking about choosing an interior color for the nursery. For most parents of baby boys, the traditional color is blue. But blue comes in many variants so the color choice decisions has just begun.

The Purpose of Blue

The color blue is a very natural color. In color theory, the color blue represents sincerity and spirituality. It is all a very calming color. The soft coolness of the color makes people feel at ease. From a purely stylistic standpoint, the color blue makes the room feel much larger than it is. It creates a sense of distance, like the sky.

Step 1 – Take a Trip

Once you know that blue is indeed the color for you, head to a local arts and crafts store or even Home Depot and find the paint section. They will have an enormous variety of colors that you can see on tabs. 

Step 2 – Select Your Colors

You will notice that while there is only one “blue” you will find a wide variety of shades. These colors have been created by mixing in whites, black and other colors to change the tint and hue of the color. Select for our five shades of blue that you feel are pleasing to your eyes.

Step 3 – Pick One Dominate Blue

It is important that you select one blue to be dominant. The rest of the blues will be used to accent and highlight different areas of your room. If you have two bold blues, your room will feel unbalanced and cluttered.

Step 4 – Add Your Accents

Accents are small strips of a color that is used to compliment your base color. Try painting small stripes along the baseboards or windowsills. The change in the hue will draw the eye as well as create a sense of unity within the room.

Step 5 – Be Creative

Let your imagination run wild. While this is a good idea, it is important to have a sense of control. If you add too many highlights or use too many different shades of blue, the room is going to be unbalanced and just a mess. Of course, each person has his or her own idea of what works so have a good time with it.