Interior Color: Creating Neutral Color Schemes

The interior color of your home will create a desired environment. It can make your home feel warm and welcoming if chosen correctly. Neutral colors are a good choice since they are always in fashion. Choosing something trendy will certainly mean you need to repaint in the future. Neutral colors are easy to match with furniture and great for selling a home.

What are Neutral Colors?

Neutral colors include shades of white and earth tones. Cream, tan, light green, pale yellow, and baby blues are all neutral colors. Lighter shades are best, they make a room feel larger.

How to Choose a Neutral Color

When selecting a neutral color for your home, choose the lightest shade on the color palette. Pick a color that you can use in several rooms. Rooms that open up into another, such as a kitchen and dining room, should have the same color so they flow into each other. If you don't like too much color, you can use a white or cream shade and choose another neutral color to paint on one accent wall. The accent wall should be the wall which you want to be the focus of the room. This can add a bit of color without painting every wall.