Interior Design: 9 Decorative Colors for Summer

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When summer rolls around, we're ready to put away the darkness of winter, and surround ourselves with color. Here are 9 decorative interior design color ideas to brighten up your home.

Sunny Yellow

Nothing says summer like sunshine. Adding sunny yellow to any room in your home will give it instant brightness and glow. Mix and match lemon yellow, honey, banana, and butternut, for a room flooded with summer color. Good choices for accent colors in accessories are orange, blue, green and pink.

Sea Blue

A blue and white striped room is reminiscent of a lake cottage or beach house. Adding sea blue to your room will instantly bring this feel to your home. Consider aqua blue or periwinkle. Choices for complimentary colors with blue are yellow, red, and crisp white.

Crisp White

Crisp white color in a room gives it the clean airy feeling of the ocean breeze flowing through. On window treatments, it allows extra light to come through. No matter what color you decide to use for your summer face lift, incorporating white into the theme of the room will give it an extra pop.

Fresh Orange

Bright orange in a room makes you think of a fresh cut mango or a slice of juicy orange. Mixing different shades of orange like tangerine and pumpkin in a room make a big statement. Adding splashes of yellow will add to warmth of the room. To soften the room a little, you can add pale pinks.

Tropical Pink

Be it the soft pink walls of a tropical bungalow, or the hot pink of a tropical flower, incorporating pinks into your room gives it a Caribbean feel, which definitely speaks summer. Add some green as a secondary color for a subtle hue, or add red or orange as accent colors for extra brightness.

Gorgeous Greens

Sage, mint, and lime green mimic the grass, trees, and gardens outside the windows of our homes in summer. Incorporate different shades of green in different fabrics to copy the variations found in nature. For added impact, compliment with accessories in any bold color of your choice.

Lavender and Purples

Lilacs, peonies, eggplant, and irises are the inspiration for this color combination. These colors give your room a cool and warm feel at the same time. For complimentary colors, try yellows and pinks.

Robust Reds

Add fresh red colors such as tomato red or poppy red for a burst of color in your room. It can be matched with white or green to come together with huge impact.

Primary Colors

Think of a beach ball, with red, yellow, blue, and green stripes. Use these primary colors to give your room splashes of jewel tones throughout the room. Mix and match these colors throughout in pillows, vases, flowers, rugs, and throws. Mix some crisp white in with these colors to really make them stand out.