Interior Doors: How to Hang Slab Doors

What You'll Need
Carpenters marker
Center punch
Door hinges
Drill bit set
Lockset hole saw
Pre cut door slab
Protective goggles
Protective work gloves
Screw driver set
Tape measure
Utility knife

Replacing interior doors may not be as simple as removing a few screws and hanging a new door. For one thing, you may not be able to find a door that fits your existing frame. Removing the interior door and the door frame can be a headache. The alternative is to install a custom cut interior door slab to the existing frame. With a few tools and some care, you can follow the instructions below to install the new interior door slab in very little time.

Step 1 – Measure

Remove the existing door from the frame. To do this, place the center punch at the bottom of each hinge and tap out with a hammer. Remove the door after all the hinge pins are removed.

Use the existing door as a pattern for the new interior door slab. Lay the old door down for the best measurements. Measure length, height and thickness, as well as the inside of the door frame. Compare the measurements. Make any necessary adjustments to fit the frame. Measure the location for the door hinge holes and the location of the door handle.

Step 2 – Purchase the Supplies

You can purchase all the supplies for the door slab at a local hardware store or lumber yard. If you wish, you can have the door cut to fit where you purchase it. Take one of the hinges with you to ensure you are replacing the same ones.

Step 3 – Prepare the Door Slab

Match the hinge and door handle measurements from the old door to the new slab. Use the hole saw and saw out the lock hole on the panel for the handle. Drill a hole on the edge of the door for the latch. Follow manufacture's instructions for hole sizes requirements. The hole should be in the same spot as the previous door.

Step 4 – Install the Locking Mechanism  

Place the locking mechanism into the door. You may need to chisel around the edge of the door plate to create a recess for the latch plate. Check manufacturer’s instructions for the requirements for your lockset installation.

Step 5 – Install the Door Handle

Drill the holes for the door lock. Place the latch into the side of the door and attach the trim piece. Use the provided screws to tighten the door lock.

Step 6 – Attach the Hinges

Route out the recess for the hinges using a router or a chisel. Line up the hinges with the measurements you marked on the door. Attach the hinges to the door.

Step 7 – Hang the Door

Match the door hinge connectors to the frame connectors drop the hinge pins into the openings in the connectors; gently tap the pins into place.