Inventive Ideas For Planter Boxes

Ceramic boots with plants inside
  • 1-40 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-100

Planter boxes come in many styles and sizes. They are manufactured using all sorts of materials, and can be purchased at almost any hardware store or garden center. However, the very best planters are the ones made from materials you have around the home, giving them more personality than a store bought flower box.

1. Planters for Every Location

Planter boxes can range from very large to relatively small. A claw-foot tub makes a fantastic planter for one corner of the deck or patio, for example, while seashells can have small plants planted in them (and then distributed as accents for the rest of the garden). A wire wastebasket makes a handy container for putting a potted plant into, and a brass tray, such as the wood holder for a fireplace, makes a great planter for a porch or patio centerpiece.

2. Wicker and Wood Ideas

plant climbing the side of the planter

Wicker baskets can be lined with plastic and used as decorative planters that may be hung as a window planter, as a hanging plant under a pergola, or simply to offer strategic accents to a garden theme. The weathered privacy fence can be taken apart, and the individual slats used to build a wooden planter box that says "authentic" to everyone who sees it. A Hollowed out stump or section of a tree trunk makes a great planter, but this type is often too large for moving about, and should be carefully thought out before it is placed.

3. Dressing up the Planter

You could also liven up planter boxes using glass or ceramic decorations. Some suggestions would be automatic watering devices or figurines such as cows, pigs, or ducks. These decorations can be especially effective if you are trying to dress up a plastic planter, since you must work with changing the appearance without actually changing the planter itself. Pinwheels and balloons are frequently used to liven up flower pots and gardens, as well as peripheral decorations such as a wind vane or miniature windmill.

4. Variations on Boot Planters

teacup planter

The classic boot planter is made using a large leather or rubber boot, lining it with a plastic or rubber interior and then treating it as an ordinary planter. Fireman-style boots are large enough to make an excellent planter, while a feminine plastic slipper might be an idea for a dainty flowering plant.

Ordinary rubber boots don't have to be sealed before adding the plant and are available in several different colors. Boots are a fantastic form of planter, and many of them can even be painted or decorated the same as other smooth-surfaced containers.

5. Decals, Stickers and Hobby Paints

Even if you are going to use a store-bought planter, a set of hobby brushes and model paints can transform any planter into a one-of-a-kind creation. If painting designs and patterns is not to your liking, there are many types of decals available that can add a spot of sunshine to even the simplest planters, such as a small metal pail decorated with rainbow stickers, farm animals, or whatever you may choose.