Inviting Ideas For Your Guest Room Makeover

It's always nice to have a room ready that exudes an aura of welcoming comfort for your guests. Here are some wonderful suggestions to make your guests feel like they never want to leave.

Consider Your Space

The guest bed can be the most comfortable bed in the world but if the guest room is crowded and cluttered, it will be minimized by the frustration of having to work around too much stuff. Start by de-cluttering the room. The best way to do this is too move every thing out of the room to give it a fresh look. Remove the window treatments as well. 

Once every thing is gone and you are looking at an empty space, you can determine if a new wall color is in order, new flooring would be the next step. If considering a new wall color, think in terms of a limited pallet and subtle hues. The goal is to stimulate the mood and feel of comfort, so save the brighter custom colors for the dining room or den.

Curtains or blinds are a must for the private comfort of your guests. Fabric Roman blinds are perfect for the guest room or Drapes with additional sheers will give a window a touch of refinement.

Evaluate the size of your bed. If it's too large for the room and  leaving very living maneuvering space, consider a change. This may be a  simple frame change. A Sleigh type of frame can use up a lot of space with its extended style. By simplifying the frame to a clean vertical design, may be the answer.

Consider Your Furniture

Just the basics will make comfort in the guest room easy. A night stand with a carefully chosen lamp to accent your design theme. A bed and a plush, rolled arm, down filled cushion chair is really all you need.  It is better to allow your guest to personalize the room with their own imported treats. A TV and related entertainment center is a nice addition but, if it compromises space, it is best left out. A luggage stand is a personal touch that is always appreciated.

The bed, is by and large the most important piece in the room. So let's make that a 5 star experience.

  • The finest hotels layer pillows of a variety of sizes and shapes. Include in your collection, some firm, some soft, a neck pillow and a few accents to top it off. Add a pillow to your chair as well to tie in the colors of the room. Down feather pillows provide the posh sink of head comfort, however, they are a high maintenance pillow. Be sure to use a zip-cover pillow protector for easier care.
  • Don't skimp when it comes to the bedding. Look for Egyptian cotton blends, they provide the most in softness and comfort. Thread counts of 300 are best, but feel the sheet before purchasing, some can feel stiff regardless of stated thread count.
  • A mattress foam topper can create an extraordinary sleeping experience. This sits on top of your current mattress and underneath the sheet.
  • The final touch to a 5 star bed is to adding a folded cashmere or alpaca wool blanket to the foot of the bed.