Is a Dryer Vent Necessary for Electric Dryers?

Is a dryer vent necessary for electric dryers? The answer is absolutely. A dryer vent is critical in keeping a dryer safe from overheating and causing fires. Also, having a vent will allow the dryer’s performance to not decrease over time.

Back Pressure

Dryer vents help to prevent back pressure, which slows the flow of moist air leaving the dryer. It also ensures that lint is collected in the dryer and vent system. Fires are usually started by lint collected by the dryer, which in turn causes the overheating.

Vent Kits

There are many vent kits available. Make sure to purchase one for electric dryers, not gas dryers. Many have self installation kits and some can be manufacturer specific. They can be purchased at local home improvement stores or online.

The dryer is used on a regular basic, and sometimes the lint trap does not get cleaned out as often as it should, so proper venting becomes extra important. Though the dryer is electric doesn’t mean it does everything on its own. A fire started in the dryer can quickly move and destroy a home. Many times the dryer gets turned on and checked only when it is done. Be safe and use a dryer vent for electric dryers.

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