Is a Metal Garden Shed Better Than Wood?

metal shed

A metal garden shed is a great option for someone looking to erect some inexpensive storage in their back yard, but is it a better option than wood? Metal sheds have some benefits over wood, but the disadvantages of a metal shed use should also be considered.

The Primary Types of Garden Sheds

Garden sheds come in three primary materials. Metal garden sheds are one of the least expensive options for larger sheds. They are usually manufactured using steel or aluminum. Wood garden sheds are usually more aesthetically pleasing but generally cost more. Plastic sheds are also available, but tend to come mostly in smaller sizes.

The Pros and Cons of Metal Sheds

Metal garden sheds are sturdy, inexpensive and they can often be quite large, which may suit your storage needs. They are also easier to build than most wood sheds since they come in prefabricated sheets. The biggest drawback to metal sheds is that they are fairly stark in design, and are also susceptible to rust. Using sealant paint on the metal can help to protect it from rust and other corrosion, but not indefinitely.

wooden shed

The Pros and Cons of Wood Sheds

On the other hand, many wooden sheds look like basic sheds but they can even be built for greater aesthetic impact to look like a small house. Wooden sheds have many more design options than metal sheds, but their main disadvantages are the cost and their tendency to be susceptible to warping, dry rot and termites. Using a sealant or stain and an outdoor paint can help protect them from the weather, but as with metal, not coating or varnish can offer complete protection.