Is Berber Carpet The Worst Type To Buy?

Berber carpet is one of the most popular choices today for carpeting, especially in new homes. However, it is imperative that a consumer is well-informed about Berber carpeting, as there are some definite problems that come with owning a Berber carpet.

The Style of Carpet

First of all, Berber is a weave carpet, not a fiber. Be sure when purchasing Berber carpets that you purchase the right type of fiber for your home. Be sure to choose quality fiber to prevent many of the problems  associated with Berber carpets. Wool and nylon are highly recommended because of their durability.

Common Problems

A common problem with Berber carpets is the inability to remove stains and to keep the carpet clean from the usual wear and tear that carpets endure. The coloring often has a tendency to turn grayish, brownish, or yellowish after cleaning.

Berber carpets also have a low tolerance for furniture, or other heavy objects, that are moved across it. This may often cause scorching or leave melt marks. Once these marks occur, there is little to be done to remove the damage.

Raveling is also a common problem, especially with pet owners whose pets may get their nails caught in a loop. Once one loop comes out of the carpet backing, it is likely that the entire carpet could unravel over time.

So while Berber carpets are popular, they certainly come with their problems if you sacrifice quality for price. Be sure to do all of your research, and find the best quality of Berber if you value longevity in your carpeting.