Is it Too Late to Transplant Your Persimmon Tree

The persimmon tree is a very attractive tree that is popular in Asia and the United States. The Japanese Persimmon tree is very popular in the Southwestern United States and the Eastern Persimmon tree thrives along the East Coast.

Planting a Persimmon Tree

The best way to plant a persimmon tree is to plant seeds and let them germinate. They should be started in early spring and allowed to germinate for 6 to 8 weeks in full sunlight. Plant them in their own pots and transplant them to a larger pot when they take up 3/4 of the pot they are in. Once they have outgrow the second pot, then transplant the entire root ball into the ground.

Transplanting Persimmon Trees

A persimmon tree has an elaborate system of roots which spreads out and entangles itself in the ground. This makes the tree an outstanding species that isn't prone to erosion. But, they are difficult to transplant without ruining the root system.

When Is It Too Late?

Once the tree has established itself in the ground and has a few years of growth, it is too late to transplant.