Is There a True Blue Orchid?

There are many varieties of orchids with vibrant colors, but is there a true blue orchid? This is actually a difficult question to answer and there is much debate about whether or not the true blue color is found in orchids, especially because it is not commonly found in other flowers. The short answer to this question is no, there are no true blue orchids. However, there are many hybrid varieties that have an either light shade of blue or a darker shade that borderlines the color purple.  

Different Varieties

While most blue orchids have a purple hue to them, the sapphire dragon orchid comes as close to the color blue as possible. There are light tints of purple, and the majority of the petals are a soft blue with touches of white.  

The phalaenopsis violacea is another gorgeous blue-tinted orchid that grows in many varieties. This flower has a darker complexion in comparison with the sapphire dragon, with more distinguished hints of purple.


There are currently orchid farmers who are working on creating a hybrid that extracts the flower's blue hues. In the not-too-distant future, a true blue variety may actually be available for general sale.