Ivy Ground Cover Varieties: Prostrate And Climbing

Using ivy ground cover in your garden can be a great touch. Ivy is fairly simple to care for, and spreads with little effort. Ivy can be either prostrate, meaning it spreads across the ground and fills a space horizontally, or climbing, which means that it will climb trellises, trees, homes, and anything else in its way.


Ivy is a very high maintenance covering. It’s not something a novice gardener should attempt to grow. Many communities actually have ordinances that prohibit the growth of ivy of either variety because it’s so invasive and get out of control very easily. Trim it regularly and fence in the beds with stone.

English Ivy

Once a very popular ground cover plant, these varieties aren’t seen as much now because they are so invasive. English Ivy will spread very fast, and is very hard to control. If however you like the look and you have the time to maintain, this is excellent prostrate ivy, and will also climb.

Creeping Charlie

Creeping Charlie is a prostrate ivy. It has a strong mint aroma, which makes it a popular variety of ground cover. Creeping Charlie will grow in most areas, with the exception of the Rocky Mountain states. This form of ivy has a dark green to purplish leaf system. It will spread very quickly, and you will need to keep an eye on it so that it won’t get out of control.