Jalousie Windows: Pros and Cons

Jalousie windows are a very complimentary window design that adds character and value to any house into which they are built. Consisting of louvers that lock together on a track, they are able to be operated in unison by a crank-like mechanism and are therefore extremely good for houses with a strong through-flow.


The areas in which houses would benefit most from Jalousie windows are warmer, wetter climates. As the panes open out and downward, they can remain open in heavy, warm rainstorms and provide vital airflow when other windows would have to remain closed in order to keep out the rain.


Jalousie windows are not as secure as some other windows and can be broken through with comparative ease. Do not select these if you have security worries, weathertightness worries or issues with energy efficiency. The louvers can be removed with relative simplicity and this is why many Jalousie windows in the United States have been updated to include security shutters and extra-tight seals.

alousie windows are extremely pleasant to look at and will no doubt add integrity to your household. They are becoming less popular in America today so why not choose these and herald a truly classic design.