Jalousies are a great tool for the window as it helps add ventilation while keeping out the elements such as rain and snow. A problem occurs if you need to install an air conditioner into a window that has jalousies as they won’t allow for the space needed for the air conditioning unit.

Before you install your air conditioner look at your windows and check the jalousies as there are different types. If yours happens to swing outward you may not have to take them off at all.
The best way to find out is to measure the air conditioner you are going to buy first. This will allow you to see if you can install it into that particular window or if you have to try a different window.
If you have the jalousies that are glass and that open and close in the upward and downward direction you will most likely have to remove them before you can install your air conditioner.

Keeping Your Jalousies

You should keep your jalousies rather then throw them out or sell them. Besides being easy to install they can become very handy when you want to open your window while keeping out the rain during other seasons.