How to Move a Swing Set

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  • 3-5 hours
  • 100-300
What You'll Need
Post hole digger
Concrete mix

Moving a swing set involves several steps to ensure that it is properly moved and secured in its new area. In many cases, the swing set is set in a concrete footer that needs to be dug up prior to moving it. This type of project will involve some labor to ensure that it is done correctly and that it is placed properly in its new home.

Step 1 - Set New Concrete Posts

Before moving the swing set, you should determine where to position it. Once that determination has been made, new post holes should be dug using a post hole digger. This will provide an area to set the swing set in once you move it.

Step 2 - Dig up the Old Swing Set

You will need to break loose the old concrete footers in order to move the swing set. Be careful not to break or damage the legs and use a power tool life a jackhammer to remove the concrete footing. This tool can be rented from any equipment supply or rental store.

Step 3 - Place in New Area

Move the swing set to the new area that is going to be placed. You will need to pour concrete in the holes in order to set the swing set in place. Follow the instructions on the packaging in order to properly pour and cure the concrete.