Joist Hanger

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Whenever you build a floor or deck structure you should look into using a joist hanger. In fact you would be using several joist hangers to get the job done. A joist hanger is designed to help the joists in the base of the floors anchor down to other parts of the infrastructure such as the beams. They allow for the structure to be stronger then it normally would be.

Correct Installation of a Joist Hanger

Many carpenters have myths about how to install a joist hanger. It’s important to avoid these mistakes and properly install the joist hangers.

Installing the Largest Possible Hanger – you never want to use a smaller hanger then the joist itself. If you had a 2 by 10 joist for example, you can create a disastrous situation by only using a 2 by 6 hanger.

Filling the Nail Holes – It gets tiring hanging the hangers even after only a dozen. Resist the urge to stop early and leave some of the nail holes unfilled. You will be losing the strength of the joist hanger by doing this.

Don’t Reuse a Joist Hanger – You never want to reuse a hanger as it will lower their load capacity.