Joist Hanger Installation Mistakes to Avoid

A joist hanger is a metal support device that is used to install a joist for a floor of a deck or a building. When in the middle of deck construction, avoid the most common joist hanger mistakes. These mistakes include reusing a joist hanger, not filling all of the nail holes in a joist hanger and using the wrong sized joist hanger.

Mistake #1 – Using the Wrong Sized Joist Hanger

This can occur if you buy a joist hanger that is too small for the joists that they are hanging. Make sure the joist hanger has the right dimensions for the joist. For example, if you have a 6x10-inch joist, you need 6x10-inch joist hanger.

Mistake #2 – Not Filling All of the Joist Hanger Nail Holes

Another common mistake is not securing the joist hanger properly. This occurs when the person fails to insert a nail through each of the joist hanger’s nail holes. No matter how many joist hangers you need to hang, you need to fill all of the nail holes to ensure the joist hangers meet their load capacity ratings.

Mistake #3 – Reuse Joist Hangers

This practice can jeopardize your deck’s safety by reducing the overall load capacity of your deck. Never reuse a joist hanger, even if it looks like it is still in good shape.